Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massage: Relaxation massage or Swedish massage uses rhythmic, light strokes directed towards the heart in order to stimulate circulation and relaxation. Relaxation massage is highly therapeutic and deeply relaxing.

Deep Tissue Therapy: Deep tissue massage addresses individual muscles that are tight in order to relieve pain and improve postural correctness. It is slower in tempo and focuses on individual muscles in order to release areas of tension. The pressure is always adjusted to the client's tolerance.
Sports Massage: Sports massage is a combination of specific techniques that increase circulation, improve range of motion, free muscular adhesions, soften scar tissue, flush toxins that cause muscular stiffness and soreness and speed recovery time between events. Sports massage focuses on specific muscles or muscle groups with moderate to deep pressure. Stretching, range of motion, and strain counter-strain techniques are used. It is very effective in preventing injury for individuals that are active.
Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy massage helps women manage the postural and emotional changes they experience during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage focuses on nurturing the mother as well as providing pain relief from the growing demands placed on her body. It is recommended for women who are in their second or third trimester only. Women who experience high risk pregnancies should consult their physician before receiving pregnancy massage.
Aromatherapy Massage: Welcome to pure bliss. Aromatherapy massage combines relaxation massage techniques with pure grade essential oils. The essential oils provide therapeutic benefits and stimulate relaxation. Essential oil blends are personalized for your individual needs while your eyes are draped with an aromatherapy eye pillow.
Hot Stone Therapy: Hot Stone Therapy is a treatment that combines massage therapy, aromatherapy, and energy work to promote physical and spiritual balance. Hot and cool smooth basalt stones are intricately placed in patterns on the body and also rubbed into your skin. The weight and temperature of the stones unlock chronic tension and rejuvenate your body. The benefits of hot stone massage include: increased circulation, increased joint mobility, alleviation of muscular tension, and reduction of swelling.
Lava Shell Massage: The Lava Shell is an ergonomic massage tool made from recycled shells of the South Pacific. A lava gel and activator is applied inside the shell creating a natural heat.  Lava shells are perfect for techniques requiring the thumbs or knuckles and are ideal for releasing tight knots and working deep into the tissue.  Other work areas include large muscle groups, along the spine, calves, inner and outer arms, neck and shoulders as well as between the fingers and toes.